From anxious over-thinker to a calm & confident you


You’re hard working, passionate and you do A LOT. You’re also deeply reflective and considerate, which is why you’re such a damn good friend/partner/mom/employee/daughter. People are drawn to you for your depth of heart, intensity and thoughtfulness.   

But what makes you special and successful is also what makes you feel like an overwhelmed, crazy person.

  • You’re sharp and passionate, but your over-active mind makes you feel anxious and tense

  • You’re introspective and thoughtful, but you overthink way too much and sometimes your spiraling, negative thoughts feel out of control

  • You second guess yourself and tend to overanalyze things to a point of paralysis or exasperation

  • You’re a hardworking and driven badass, but you often feel guilty, worried, and stressed the eff out because it feels like you will NEVER get everything on your to-do list done!

  • You feel like you aren’t good enough or aren’t doing enough, so you have a hard time letting things go and just going with the flow

  • You like meditation and it helps you feel calm, but you have too much to do/can’t find the time to actually do it.  You feel too stressed out, too busy, or too distracted to cultivate that for yourself right now

  • You know intuitively that meditation can help build a calm and centered life, but every time you try, you can’t seem to get it. 


All of this is starting to take a toll on your physical health, relationships, job, and most of all, your mental and spiritual wellbeing.


You just want to feel calm, confident and in control of your thoughts so you can enjoy life and get shit done.

  • Chances are, you’ve probably tried a bunch of different things to help you feel more calm, focused and secure. Some of them have worked, but you’re craving a change on a deeper level, with more meaningful and longer-lasting results.

  • You know that your perfectionism, overthinking, and anxiety are not sustainable and will eventually run you into the ground.

  • You’re ready to do things differently, and experience a new way of living.


I totally get it because I pretty much popped out of the womb feeling worried and anxious, feeling that I was never good enough, and always at war with myself. It felt exhausting to be me!

But then I discovered a different way of being. I knew that if I wanted to learn to control my external experiences of life, I first had to learn to control my internal experiences. I knew that if I wanted to live a peaceful, happy, loving life, I first had to have a peaceful, happy, loving relationship with myself. I found meditation as a tool to help me do these things, which is why I created a program that uses both meditation and one-on-one coaching to help you be the loving, open, confident person you want to be.  

You are SO ready to:

  • Feel calmer and more relaxed in your everyday life, even when life is stressful and things don’t go according to plan (and things never go according to plan).


  • Learn to control your thoughts (so they don’t control you!)


  • Love and take care of yourself so you can heal, perform better, be comfortable in your own skin and finally relaaaax


  • Connect with something bigger than yourself so you can feel more fulfilled, inspired and live life in a greater state of flow




 1:1 Coaching and Meditation Program:
From anxious over-thinker to a calm & confident you


From anxious over-thinker to calm & confident you is a 4-week program that uniquely incorporates meditation and 1:1 coaching to help you develop more self-awareness and self-love so you can break negative patterns based on resistance and fear and positively shift the way you think, feel and act.

Here's how it works and what makes this program so effective :

  • First we create a meditation practice that works for you, to help you develop an on-going meditation habit (with the help of my guidance and accountability) 

  • We will use your meditation practice to facilitate discovery, clarity, ease and groundedness into your life

  • We have weekly 1:1 coaching calls, where I will coach you through challenges that come up in your personal life and your meditation practice. These things are often intricately connected; Whatever you learn in your meditation, you will be able to apply to your everyday life.  And whatever comes up in your everyday life, will show up in your meditation ;)

  • This is high-touch program, which means you have unlimited access to me outside of our weekly calls. Our regular, ongoing communication will keep you focused, inspired and on track. You get A LOT of personalized attention. 


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  • You feel fearful or anxious and want to feel calm so you can avoid burn-out and imminent brain implosion. You want to be able to remain peaceful and calm even when things go wrong, or amidst the chaos of everyday life, rather than bracing for more disaster or beating yourself up   

  • You feel stressed out and overwhelmed and you want to learn how to bring yourself into a relaxed state so you can function more clearly, with more love, patience and compassion

  • You want to stop overthinking and instead turn your mind into an ally, so you can leverage your thoughts, energy and resources to work for you (not against you)

  • You want to learn to trust yourself and develop your intuition so you can take action and feel confident and secure in any situation

  • You want to have a regular mindfulness of spiritual practice that you can come back to everyday to help you calm down, recharge, connect and feel like a human again

  • You have dabbled with meditation in the past as a way to deal, but just “couldn’t get it” or it didn’t stick for various reasons (couldn't sit still, lack of discipline, too busy etc), and you want to learn to make it a habit and actually meditate

  • You want the benefits of meditation (relaxation, self discipline, connecting to your intuition, more self awareness, a daily spiritual practice etc) but you could benefit from guidance and accountability


  • You have never meditated before and are complete newbie. Some experience is required (even if it's just a little bit here and there) for this partnership to work

  • You don’t have a smartphone. Sorry flip-phone owners- this program requires the use of an app.

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  • (4) 60-minute one-on-one video conferencing coaching calls to thoroughly dig into your challenges and do some big time discovery and growing

  • Full access to me in between sessions (via email and an easy-to-use voice recording app) to hone your meditation practice and get coaching outside of our calls. This is a high-touch program aimed at helping you integrate a new habit into your life, and most of the work takes place outside of our coaching sessions, which makes this an invaluable resource to my clients

  • Session notes and recaps (where applicable) to keep you focused, inspired, and organized

  • Motivational and inspirational content to support your specific needs and challenges throughout the program

  • Personalized recommendations, materials, and resources that are relevant to your interests and challenges to help you learn, grow, and thrive  

  • Recordings of all calls for future reference so you can continue to learn from them even after our time together


$599 USD


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“I walked away from this program feeling more connected to my breath, myself, and the inner stillness I KNOW is there. As someone who’s spent years trying to relieve anxiety, this feels so huge.”

I’d never worked with a coach before; I’d never even really considered it until I met Eva. I often felt like, “I know what I should be doing so I’ll just do it already!” But I kept tripping up at the same places. But I was feeling stuck and I was really struggling to be still and present with myself, and thus I was struggling to be still and present with the universe. I knew that meditation was this great and powerful resource for building a calm and centered life, but I just couldn’t access it and commit.

A lot of interesting things came up for me in this program—stuff about anger/rage, dis/liking myself, numbness, and discomfort ….and also love, joy, graciousness and a connection to the divine energy that binds us all and a peace and tranquility. And Eva helped me to navigate that with so much thoughtfulness and grace. I walked away from this program feeling full.

[And] now, I actually meditate! Normally I would have quit 100 times in the course of these four weeks, but the magic of Eva’s accountability and the promise I’d made to myself meant I had to work through the resistance that rose up. Committing to a program like this was a way to say, “taking time and resources for myself is worthwhile. I’m worthwhile” and that’s a huge step on the path of loving myself and being a balanced person. As a result, I’m braver about observing and being present with myself when I’m anxious. I walked away from this program feeling more connected to my breath, to myself, to the inner stillness I KNOW is there. And as someone with an anxiety disorder, who’s spent years trying to relieve anxiety, this feels so huge.” - K.C. Boston, MA

“A lottttt of things came up during my meditations and coaching sessions. I was definitely not expecting Eva to answer questions that I have been searching for answers to for years.”
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"I had so much stress and anxiety when I started the program - beating myself up, wanting to be productive but not taking action, feeling stuck. I reached out because my mind felt numbed and I didn’t feel I could face the challenges that were ahead of me. I felt all over the place and had difficulty focusing on anything. 

A lottttt of things came up during my meditations and coaching sessions. I was definitely not expecting Eva to answer questions that I have been searching for answers to for years. I was clueless about what was triggering my anxiety, I had wrong beliefs and perspectives about some of the things that had happened in my past. Eva has helped me better my perspective and that has helped with my anxieties tremendously. 

Self-love is something I have always struggled with otherwise- I’ve always hated myself, and struggled with comparison, but now... I am starting to discover and love myself now, regardless of what other people think. [Now] I am much, much more positive. I feel like I can take on life. I am kinder and more loving towards myself- I'm not as hard on myself, I feel like I can relax. I feel more organized. I have less chatter in my mind. It is all because of all the work I have been doing with Eva! - S.E. Karachi, Pakistan

“I [was] able to control my fear of needles for the first time in 15 years!...I am feeling much calmer and more connected and am now very much enjoying meditation.”

“I’m so excited about the changes in my life as a result of working with Eva! I [signed up to work with Eva because] I wanted to master meditation to help control depression, anxiety and to become a calmer, more centered person. The goal was to understand how to meditate and to make it a daily habit. I have not only achieved this but so much more! I am feeling much calmer and more connected in general, and am now very much enjoying meditation, which I would never have believed a few weeks ago. I am sleeping much better, I have less nightmares and less of a “crazy brain” before going to sleep. I think that this is mostly due to learning how to observe thoughts without engaging with them. Meditation has already helped me to feel calmer, more connected and better at acknowledging feelings and thoughts without becoming overwhelmed by them.

One of the ways that this has been expressed is through my being able to control my fear of needles for the first time in 15 years! Usually I would become panicky and hysterical before a blood test or injection (due to past traumatic experience), and have nightmares about it for several days before. During the course of this program, I had a blood test without any panic or nightmares. I was able to acknowledge and understand my fear without avoiding or being overwhelmed, and to remain calm and breathing. This is a huge success for me and I plan to develop this further by trying to overcome the other big fears/phobias I have.“ E.G. London, U.K.




I’m confused. Is this a meditation coaching program, or a anxiety/self love coaching program?

It’s everythaaang! What I do that is unique to other coaches is that I leverage the benefits of meditation to help my clients relax, get centered, and tap into their own internal wisdom. Then, with the addition of weekly coaching calls and daily support, we get to tackle the bigger challenges of everyday life, such as anxiety, overwhelm, self worth and fear.  This is the secret sauce to what makes this program so effective and profound.   


What kind of meditation practice is this program based on?

If you have a technique you like, we'll stick with what already works. But if you want to learn new techniques, or you're looking for more structure, together, we’ll build a personalized practice that works best for you and your lifestyle. I don’t believe there is one “right” way to meditate, and I don’t force others to meditate in a dogmatic way.


What if I don’t have time to meditate everyday?

Most people who come to me tell me that they don’t have enough time to meditate. I have worked with working moms, entrepreneurs, and busy CEOs who work 80 hour weeks. Despite their busy schedules, through this program, they still end up meditating almost everyday because the program is set up to facilitate this and keep them inspired and accountable. What’s most important is that there is a willingness and desire to try. With that, together we will build a strategy that works specifically for YOU and your lifestyle and make it work.  


What makes this program different?

This is a high-touch program which means we’re in touch A LOT , and you get a ton of personalized, focused attention from me. Not to mention, meditation itself is an amazing vehicle for self-discovery, healing and profound change. The combination of the two creates an effective platform for exploring and moving through a lot in a short period of time.

As my one client puts it: “[Being able to check in with you daily] was SO HELPFUL.  For God’s sake, I feel like I got bonus therapy sessions with you!! SO many hearts here….”

And as another puts it: “Regular reflection wound up being really helpful. It helped me see patterns that I wouldn’t necessarily see.”


You said this program is High-Touch, with a lot of regular check in’s. I’m worried there might be too much to do, or too much structure.

This program is definitely for people who want a high-level of support and want to take a deep dive into personal development and self exploration. Aka you’re ready and wanting to do the WERK. You must be wanting to commit your time and energy into a daily meditation practice as well as regular check ins. So far, all of my clients have really enjoyed and appreciated the structure of the program because it keeps them inspired and accountable. But if you are not interested in hearing from me everyday, then this program is not for you (lol).

As one client writes: “I would recommend this program to people who already have an interest in meditation and personal development, or who are open to learning about it. I think you have to really want to commit the time and energy to get real value from it. I will be recommending it to all of my friends and many of my clients!”

As another client writes: “It’s funny, when I first heard about the structure of the program, I wondered if it was too structured, too much. Now,  I think it’s just right.”


I’ve tried to meditate before, but felt like I could never really get it right (couldn’t sit still, lack of discipline, too busy etc). Will this program help me?

Yas! This program is designed for people who’ve had some experience with meditation, but for whatever reason could never “get it.” I will help you troubleshoot and resolve those issues so that you can actually meditate (and maybe even come to enjoy it! ;)


I’ve practice consistently for weeks at a time but then I always "fall off the wagon" or get side-tracked for some reason. Will this program help me develop and keep a meditation practice forever?

I tried a lot of things before meditation became a habit for me. I believe that it was a combination of my different experiences that eventually helped me create the practice I have now (I meditate anywhere from 20-45 mins 5x a week). In the way way,  this program will be a part of your personal journey. It will add to your ability and knowledge of meditation so that it becomes much more realistic and enjoyable to meditate regularly. Whether or not it “sticks” is up to you (as well as timing and your life circumstances at the time).   

That being said, this program is intentionally set up to be 30 days in length, which is often said to be the time required to create a new habit. The goal is to use these 30 days to help you get rid of past obstacles to meditation, experience and understand your practice in a deeper and more enjoyable way, and give you the resources and confidence to meditate regularly. All of this will set you up to sustain this practice long-term. While I can’t guarantee that this program will keep you meditating forever, I do think that it will get you closer to your goal, whatever that goal may be. In the end, I believe that creating and keeping a habit of any kind must come from a deep need and desire to do so. Ultimately, that will be up to you.