Q & A

What can I expect from this program? What does a standard session look like?

We will spend the first session unpacking areas where you feel stuck and/or lost and examine how these issues are effecting your health and overall quality of life. From there we will set up goals that feel good to you, along with corresponding action steps. Every week we will check in via a 60 minute video phone call to gauge progress, troubleshoot challenges, and determine how to move forward. You will also have unlimited access to me in between calls via email for ongoing, personalized support. 

In a “standard” session, we will always discuss your assignments from the previous week. We will proactively address the things you are struggling with most. I will compassionately challenge you if I think you are limiting yourself, and I will help you find ways to slow your roll if it sounds like what you really need to do is take a deep breathe and relaaaax. From there, we’ll build off of what we learned that week to create a plan for the following week, all the while keeping the end goal in mind.

That being said, there is no such thing as a “standard” session. I will personally and carefully guide you to make simple, small changes that transform your life. But you are the expert on yourself, and I tailor each session based on what your needs are. You know what is best for your body/mind/spirit, and I am simply here to validate and draw out the inner wisdom that is already within you.

The goal is that by the end of our three months together, you won't need me anymore. Instead, you'll be able to use what we've learned during our time together to independently coach yourself. 

how is coaching different from therapy?

Good question! There are parts of coaching that are like therapy, but they’re not the same thing. I like to believe that coaching takes best parts of therapy (i.e. providing support, a safe space, active listening etc.) and combines them with kick-ass, actionable ways to get you moving, right now. In addition to pondering the "whys" of life, our work will also focus on “when” and “how”-- as in, when are you going to actually do that thing you've always wanted to do? Or, when are you going to stop doing the things that make you miserable? Or, I want to achieve X goal, but how do I get there? As your coach, I am personally invested in your growth, and will be there to hold you accountable and provide support every step of the way.

As a person who’s had 10+ years of therapy under her belt, I am a huge advocate of therapy for those who want to look into the past and unpack how certain situations have affected them. But I’m also practical, goal oriented, and proactive. I am really big on personal development, transformation, and tapping into the infinite possibilities of the future, which is what my program is mostly about.

So WTF is holistic health anyway and what does it have to do with me?

Holistic health is the belief that your body, mind, and spirit are all connected, and thus play an equal role in your overall health and wellness. If you have a really "clean" diet and do yoga/crossfit 5x a week, but you're miserable at your job, or have an empty social life, I'd be willing to bet that you are still struggling with some aspect of your health. 

I believe that the ideas you put in your mind are just as important as the food you put into your body. This is why in my program, we will look at the many different parts that make up optimal health and wellness, which can range from mindset and spirituality, to your environment and daily routines. In working together, we will focus on your mind, body and spirit to bring your life into balance, whereas in traditional Western practices, we would usually address each of these separately (ie. mind via therapy, body via physical exercise, and spirit via religious activities).

In addition, as a holistic health coach, my goal is to help you heal naturally, without the use of chemicals or artificial substances, which we now know often have negative long-term side effects. 

You mentioned spirituality. Are you gonna get all “woo woo” on me?

Maybe, if it feels appropriate. I don't consider myself to be religious (though, I respect and am fascinated by religion). But I believe that finding purpose and meaning in our lives is crucial for optimal health, and believing in and/or connecting with something bigger than ourselves can play a huge role in this process. So yes, you might hear me refer to "the universe" at some point. That being said, I’m also one of the most logical people I know, and pride myself on being realistic and hard-nosed. I think the combination of these two things is what makes me good at what I do. 

Where do your sessions take place?

Over the intranets! All my sessions are done online (either via Skype, Zoom, google hangouts or facetime). I travel a lot, and work with people all over the world, so this makes coaching more accessible for me and my clients. 

When I first started coaching, I hated the idea of conducting sessions online because I wanted to give my clients that one-on-one experience. But after trying it, I realized that I am still able to provide my clients with productive, intimate, and meaningful sessions, even without meeting "in-person." An extra bonus?  You can do it without pants on!  

Do you work with men too, or is this a girls only club?

I work well with folks of all pronouns (she, he, they, them) and have had success with both my male and female clients!

What do you do when you're not working on your business?

I am a total music nerd, and could shoot the shit with you about inane music trivia for hours. Other obsessions include biking around the city (it’s the only  way to get around), talking about poop, making fun potions with herbs and plants, going for long walks with no particular destination, going to the movies and museums, watching motivational videos, and writing. I don’t think I’d be able to function without a good journal. I don’t party as much as I used to, but I still enjoy a good whisky or beer every now and then. Sometimes, I love just laying on the floor and staring at my ceiling listening to music, if I have time, which isn’t often. Self care is probably my favorite hobby of all. 

what did you do before you were a coach?


I’ve been working since I was 16, and have worked every odd job under the sun. I had a brief stint as a music journalist, during which I went to three concerts a week (which was a dream). I’ve waitressed at burger joints and fancy-ass restaurants. I was a cocktail waitress, and managed independent coffee shops in NYC. I washed dishes when I lived in Tokyo. I was a coat check girl at a queer nightclub. I worked on stage on a musical called Menopause the Musical (no joke). Probably one of my favorite jobs of all time was working at an art-house video store when people still actually rented DVD’s. We sat around and talked about movies all day and got to judge people for their poor tastes. Finally, when I decided to get a "real job," I settled down into the non-profit world, where I trained teachers and managed educational programs for under-resourced urban high schools. 

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