four month 1:1 Coaching Intensive


Your 20’s and 30’s are supposed to be the prime of your life.

But instead you find yourself feeling ridiculously anxious, like, all the time. You over and worry about everything, and the negative voice in your head is so loud it drowns out any sense of logic or reason.


  • You’re sharp and passionate, but your active mind makes you feel anxious and tense either because you worry about the future, imagine the worst case scenario, and/or have crippling fear about "dropping the ball"

  • You find that you’re always wishing you made better use of your time, or hating on yourself for not having more self control. You are incredibly hard on yourself and your negative internal dialogue won't shut up.

  • You're ready for change, but because you lack focus and direction, you're running yourself in circles. You've gotten to a point where, no matter how much sleep you get, you always feel drained and exhausted.

  • All of these things are impacting your health and quality of life. You feel tired, have weird physical symptoms such as stomach cramps or rashes, and you’re moodier, more critical and judgy-er of people than you’d like to be. You wonder when you got so crotchety and life got so blah.

How do I know all this? Because for many years I lived, breathed and slept that life, and yeah, it sucked.

I used to be so freaked out that this was going to be me forever, like maybe something was wrong with me and my problems existed in a vacuum. I didn’t have one clear goal that made me feel like I was contributing to the world in some meaningful way, which of course, only added to the anxiety and depression.  The most frustrating part was that I felt like I was making a genuine effort to improve myself. I wanted to be healthier, practice more self control, and follow through on all the things I said I would do. But in the end, I’d always end up getting in my own damn way. I’d either do things to such an extreme that I’d burn myself out, or I’d waste all my time over analyzing everything and getting lost in my head. It got to a point where I was grinding my teeth every night, had crazy body ailments that my doctor thought I was making up, and I was so miserable, even I didn’t want to be around myself. All of this made me feel out of control and totally inadequate.

It took me a while, but over time I found ways to transform myself with a natural, holistic approach. (You can read more about my story here). I realized, through a lot of trial and error, that many of the survival techniques I had adopted growing up were piss poor wrong! Learning to reprogram these limiting beliefs totally changed the game for me.

The following are bullshit ideas that many of us adopt over time because either: 


1. We’re rebellious in nature

2. We’ve hardened ourselves against past failures

3. Despite our best efforts, we fall prey to the evil trolls of societal programming


It’s so common to fall into some, or all of these limiting beliefs. If this is you, know that what you’re going through is totally normal. These survivalist thoughts are simply protecting you from discomfort and danger, which is what your healthy brain is programmed to do best! Unfortunately, in this day and age, you can’t operate on survival mode 24/7.

If you don’t learn to reprogram your “fight or flight” instincts, you’ll end up running yourself into the ground.

By now, maybe you’ve caught on and purchased a few self-help books (which you pretended were a gift for a friend). Or maybe at one point you were so tired of feeling shitty that you committed to a full 30 days of yoga, or sobriety, or eating gluten free. You felt great at the time, but it wasn't sustainable, so now you’re back where you started. Maybe you’re like me and you’ve gone to therapy, which was also helpful. But sometimes you wished you could stop focusing so much on the past, and come up with a more concrete action plan for how to effect change right here, right now.  


All of which lead you to ask
painful questions like:

"What's wrong with me?"

"Why aren’t I further along?"

"Why is this so HARD?"


I want to emphasize that there is nothing wrong with you! Know that it’s not because you’re lazy or inadequate or incapable of change. Sure, you’re struggling, but often times struggling just means that you’re making an effort. And don’t forget, you’ve gotten yourself this far, so give yourself credit for that! But no matter how you break it down, support and know-how are critical when it comes to meaningful and long term change.

If you add personalized attention, accountability, and a healthier, more balanced strategy to that equation, it accelerates and deepens the transformation process ten-fold.

Which is where working with me comes in! Instead of going it alone, having a coach with a roadmap can make the process of change and growth more enjoyable, with a lot less self-deprecation and hair pulling. You've tried doing it on your own because you're a take-action kind of person, but now you’re ready to commit to something more series. 

So, ladies and gents, let’s get to it, shall we?



Learn stress AND Anxiety management tools, develop a greater sense of self awareness, build STRUCTURE into your life, AND learn how to change default behaviors so you can:

  • Reduce and dismantle anxiety

  • Feel more grounded, relaxed and present

  • Set and accomplish personal goals

  • Develop an overall more positive and optimistic attitude in your everyday life

  • Develop a sense of self efficacy, which will motivate you to take on challenges with excitement (rather than avoidance and fear)

  • Align your thoughts and actions with your true values


LEARN HOW TO DEVELOP realistic, long-lasting HEALTHY habits AND RITUALS. explore HEALTHY foodS, natural medicines and alternative healing methods so you can:

  • Learn how to implement a sustainable self care plan that energizes, inspires, and empowers you

  • Feel better in your body (physically and mentally)

  • Gain more energy so you can be your best self in everything you do

  • Strengthen your health span so you can age gracefully


STOP ROLLING YOUR EYES AT THE IDEA OF SELF LOVE, TAP INTO THE "WOO," and address the beliefs currently holding you back from the success you desire. Learn meditative tools and transformative practices to shift your consciousness so you can:

  • Find meaning in the everyday and develop a greater sense of purpose

  • Develop your innate wisdom and learn how to tap into your intuition aka your gut instinct

  • Develop self love (without feeling like a cheesy a-hole) so you can finally treat yourself with the kindness and respect you deserve

  • Strengthen your self awareness and courage to successfully move towards your passions


(Get answers to all your other burning questions on this fancy-ass Q & A page)

A coach isn’t a quick fix or a cure all. I am not uncovering the fountain of youth and granting anyone three wishes. Working with a coach often requires people to step out of their comfort zone and try things they may not have considered before. That being said, coaching provides people with something that we, including myself, all need: Community, strategy, support, a sense of safety, and accountability. My hope is that together we will deepen and expedite your journey to self realization, not from a place of fear and resistance, but a place of curiosity and excitement.

I truly believe in the power of community and partnership. When two or more people get together to work on a fixed goal, transformation is accelerated. That is what I have experienced over and over again, with others who have supported me over the years, and with my clients, which is why I love coaching so much. Not only do I know first hand how powerful it can be, but also because it offers the kind of experience that will change and stay with you far after we’ve stopped working together.


  • You overthink, overanalyze or worry about everything! Your thoughts spiral and you feel out of control 

  • You often feel anxious, guilty, or stressed 

  • You often feel insecure, incapable or not good enough. (Your self esteem could use a good, healthy boink fest!)   

  • You have a super negative and harsh internal voice that won't shut up

  • Being you feels exhausting. You’re still young, dangit, but you feel tired AF

  • You tend to go from one extreme to the other in an effort to make healthy changes. (Moderation? What's that?)

  • You lack focus, clarity and self trust 

  • You don't feel like "yourself." (You're moody and critical, and not nearly as nice or upbeat as you used to be)

  • You have poor a self care or no self care system at all. (You lack structure in your life, and want to develop healthier habits)

  • You seek know-how. You're ready to make the next move, but you have no idea what the eff’ that move is 

  • You are so over feeling this way and are ready for real, significant change



  • You're looking for a quick fix, and expect change and growth without putting in the werk (cause that’s what it is- werk). Partnering with me means stepping outside of your comfort zone, and doing things that are scary or uncomfortable. It’s not easy, and I don’t intend to coddle you. I put in 100% of myself with each one of my clients, and I expect you to do the same.

  • You are not really ready for change. I’ve learned the hard way that I cannot help people who do not want to change. I’m not here to force change upon anyone, you have to want it for yourself.

This program includes:

4 months of one-on-one support 

(9) 75 min phone calls

Full access to me via a private cellphone app so you can reach me in between sessions, anytime

Transformative practices to shift your consciousness and mindset

Holistic Health and performance tips and tools from a Certified Holistic Health Coach

Educational material to match your learning style and your schedule

Video recordings of each call for your future reference 



(Payment plans available)


*5% of your payment will go to the charity of your choice